Health Maintain free




Stay healthy keeping track of your body




If you're a healthy person and you want to record everything related to your health, Health Maintain free is the perfect app for keeping full track of your day to day activities.

When you open this tool for the first time, you can create a profile for yourself and a few other members, allowing you to follow up on your family, your partner or your friends. From Health Maintain free, you will be able to manage data on age, weight, height, heart rate or blood pressure, among many other pieces of information. Thanks to these fields, following up on your daily health will be much simpler, as you will be able see your progress at a glance.

One of the advantages of Health Maintain free is that you will be able to export your data table and email it to who you want, including your doctor, to get help with a specific problem. Create your own graphs and follow up on your health and that of your loved ones with Health Maintain free.